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Brightest Young Things has been informing D.C. where to go and what to do for the last 11 years. BYT Radio will discuss big stories from our online magazine and give our Best Weekend Bets. Time is money. Spend it well.

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    Why Mess Hall's Al Goldberg Loves DC

    Our annual Valentine's Day feature, Why We Love DC Right Now, was published yesterday featuring Al Goldberg and 13 others. A chat with the Mess Hall founder about Washington and the upcoming Ramen World.

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    What Makes a Good Music Doc with Joe McAdam

    BYT contributor Joe McAdam joins the show to chat about our recent Music Doc Guide, specifically Some Kind of Monster.

    See Butt on Saturday, February 9 at Dynasty Typewriter in Los Angeles. See the You, Me, Them, Everybody Live 11 hour live show marathon Saturday, February 9 at The Wonderland Ballroom in Washington, D.C.

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    Murder Mysteries with Svetlana Legetic

    BYT Founder Svetlana Legetic is the most informed murder mystery afficianado in Washington, D.C. A conversation about the genre, true crime and not being in junior high.

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    34 Days with Haywood Turnipseed Jr.

    We're 34 days into the longest US government shutdown. BYT friend, stand up comic, father and furloughed worker Haywood Turnipseed Jr. joins the show to speak about how he's living through more than a month without pay.

    A song from Lala Lala. See her tonight at Comet Ping Pong and read her addition to the Dream Jukebox.

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    Group Housing and Government Shutdowns

    Allison Lane joins the show to talk about the effect of the shutdown on the restaurant and her experience with group hosing. It all ties together somehow.

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    Gender Bending with Afriti Bankwalla

    Our Gender Bender of the Week writer joins us to kick off the new year. Unrelated, a new social media site that doesn't allow Nazis would be nice.

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    The Return of Baby Bry Bry and the Continuation of Slow Love

    The musician behind our theme song, Baby Bry Bry, joins the show to discuss tonight's Slow Love show at Black Cat and Baby Bry Bry & Friends Friday show at Songbyrd.

    If you're a musician, please release your music.

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    "Divide And Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes" Filmmaker Alexis Bloom

    A conversation with Alexis Bloom focused on her new documentary on Roger Ailes. The film, in theaters December 7, 2018, covers the media behemoth's rise from The Mike Douglas Show in the 60s to his drawn out downfall from Fox News and the public sphere in 2016.

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