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Brightest Young Things has been informing D.C. where to go and what to do for the last 11 years. BYT Radio will discuss big stories from our online magazine and give our Best Weekend Bets. Time is money. Spend it well.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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    Recalled in Human Memory with Eric Uhlir

    Artist Eric Uhlir joins the show to discuss his new exhibit, Recalled in Human Memory, currently on display at the Hillyer.

    This episode is part of BYT’s DC Art Census 2019.

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    Whit Kathner from Republic Restoratives

    1/3rd of Republic Restoratives comes by to chat about their new Grappa collaboration with City Winery and Brandon gets drunk on one shot.

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    Call Your Mother and Hail Satan?

    We’re celebrating Passover with Call Your Mother’s Andrew Dana and director of the new documentary Hail Satan?, Penny Lane.

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    Robin Bell, Capitol Police and The Corcoran

    Artist Robin Bell currently has an exhibition at the Corcoran, OPEN, through March 31. Due to a newly enforced amendment to the traffic regulations for the United States Capitol Grounds, his equipment was recently confiscated.

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    Why go to SXSW with Jack Inslee

    Full Service Radio main dude Jack Inslee is currently recording episodes for this station at South By Southwest. A chat about how to make the most of the music conference/fest/experiential branding/presidential hopeful rally.

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    The Social Power of Music with Jeff Place

    Jeff Place is the Curator and Senior Archivist of Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. They recently released the The Social Power of Music box set. A chat about building that box, the speed of Woody Guthrie records and how to get this dream job.

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    Trying Out Other Voices with Jamie Benedi

    Jamie Benedi is a stand up comic. He's not a ventriloquist. He tried his hands, plural, both hands, at the art form and wrote about it for BYT.

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    Why Mess Hall's Al Goldberg Loves DC

    Our annual Valentine's Day feature, Why We Love DC Right Now, was published yesterday featuring Al Goldberg and 13 others. A chat with the Mess Hall founder about Washington and the upcoming Ramen World.

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    What Makes a Good Music Doc with Joe McAdam

    BYT contributor Joe McAdam joins the show to chat about our recent Music Doc Guide, specifically Some Kind of Monster.

    See Butt on Saturday, February 9 at Dynasty Typewriter in Los Angeles. See the You, Me, Them, Everybody Live 11 hour live show marathon Saturday, February 9 at The Wonderland Ballroom in Washington, D.C.

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    Murder Mysteries with Svetlana Legetic

    BYT Founder Svetlana Legetic is the most informed murder mystery afficianado in Washington, D.C. A conversation about the genre, true crime and not being in junior high.

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    34 Days with Haywood Turnipseed Jr.

    We're 34 days into the longest US government shutdown. BYT friend, stand up comic, father and furloughed worker Haywood Turnipseed Jr. joins the show to speak about how he's living through more than a month without pay.

    A song from Lala Lala. See her tonight at Comet Ping Pong and read her addition to the Dream Jukebox.

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    Group Housing and Government Shutdowns

    Allison Lane joins the show to talk about the effect of the shutdown on the restaurant and her experience with group hosing. It all ties together somehow.

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    Gender Bending with Afriti Bankwalla

    Our Gender Bender of the Week writer joins us to kick off the new year. Unrelated, a new social media site that doesn't allow Nazis would be nice.

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    The Return of Baby Bry Bry and the Continuation of Slow Love

    The musician behind our theme song, Baby Bry Bry, joins the show to discuss tonight's Slow Love show at Black Cat and Baby Bry Bry & Friends Friday show at Songbyrd.

    If you're a musician, please release your music.

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    "Divide And Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes" Filmmaker Alexis Bloom

    A conversation with Alexis Bloom focused on her new documentary on Roger Ailes. The film, in theaters December 7, 2018, covers the media behemoth's rise from The Mike Douglas Show in the 60s to his drawn out downfall from Fox News and the public sphere in 2016.

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    Anna and the Apocalypse's Ella Hunt

    Ella Hunt stars as Anna in the upcoming "Anna and the Apocalypse," a holiday/zombie film that should please the "Shaun of the Dead" fan that wants more holiday joy.

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    Re-creating versions of Banneker’s Mid-Atlantic Almanacs with Dawne Langford

    The LINE DC is celebrating Benjamin Banneker’s birthday this weekend. Banneker was a profound astronomer and almanac author who worked alongside Thomas Jefferson for racial equality and is referenced throughout the LINE’s event spaces. The hotel is partnering with historian Dawne Langford to re-create versions of Banneker’s Mid-Atlantic Almanacs.

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    Reading true crime with Solid State Books' Jake Cumsky-Whitlock

    BYT's inaugural true crime fest, Death Becomes Us, is this weekend at the Lisner Auditorium. Solid State Books is our bookseller for the fest. We chat with bookstore co-owner Jake Cumsky-Whitlock about the popularity of the bloody genre.

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    World Pasta Day with Chef Michael Friedman of The Red Hen

    Thursday, October 25 is World Pasta Day. We're using the 'holiday' to chat with Chef Michael Friedman of The Red Hen, one of D.C.'s best places to eat pasta. We also give our Best Weekend Bets and Chef walks us through two dishes. New show music from Slow Love.

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    Beetlejuice The Musical The Musical The Musical

    Beetlejuice The Musical is currently on its pre-Broadway run at The National Theatre. We chatted with the creative team and leads of the musical. Hear from music and lyricist Eddie Perfect, director Alex Timbers, actors Alex Brightman and Sophia Anna Caruso and book writers Scott Brown and Anthony King.

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    New Nature with ARTECHOUSE's Tati Pastukhova

    Tati Pastukhova, Managing Director & Founder of ARTECHOUSE, chats with us about the upcoming exhibit, New Nature, running October 12 through January 13. And god. We talk about god.

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    Think Local First with Ché Ruddell-Tabisola

    Board Member of Think Local First DC and Co-Chair of the 2018 Local First Awards Ché Ruddell-Tabisola joins the show to preview the upcoming Local First Awards.

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    Matt Bailer and Shea Van Horn Return

    The DJs behind the late, great Mixtape come back to the show. Matt is DJing the BYT + Nat Geo After Hours this Friday. Shea is leaving the country.

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    Quit Twitter with Joe McAdam

    Joe is a Los Angeles based comic and BYT contributor. He quit Twitter in 2017. He rejoined this year. Why?

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    Protesting with Legba Carrefour

    Legba Carrefour is an anarchist protestor. He’s been profiled in The Washington Post as an anarchist protestor. We talk about how protesting has changed since being profiled in the Post in August 2017.

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    Welcome Back Premier League with Norm Quarrinton

    UK born BYT contributor Norm Quarrinton comes on the show to talk about the return of Premier League. Technically we discussed Premier League. The show isn't really about Premier League.

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    Your Best August, True Crime Preview with Jenn Tisdale

    BYT staff member Jenn Tisdale joins the show to preview our upcoming True Crime Fest, discuss the recent Your Best August feature and explore the difficulties of obtaining a specific 1979 Seattle Mariners shirt.

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    KIND with Priya Konings

    Priya Konings is a BYT food writer and photographer. She also does extremely important work in her day job. Related, go to Dino's Grotto tonight. Please.

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    By The People, Summer Concert Preview

    BYT staff writer Jose Lopez-Sanchez comes on the show to discuss this weekend's By The People arts fest and the D.C. summer concert season. It doesn't suck!

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    The North Country's Andrew Grossman

    Andrew Grossman is the front man of The North Country. The North Country just released the video for "Don't Quit Your Day Job." Andrew says he hates Instagram. I bet he already posted a photo of the show on his Instagram. See him June 28 at Jammin' Java opening for Ike Reilly.

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    Stewart Lupton

    Stewart Lupton passed away earlier this week. He was 43. This week's episode revisits the BYT Live Session we did with Stewart in the spring of 2008.

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    Political Theater with Jason Dick

    Jason Dick is the Deputy Editor at CQ Roll Call and host of the Political Theater podcast. We discuss the how and the why of two D.C.s.

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    New Kitchens on the Block with Nevin Martell

    Nevin Martell is a freelance writer specializing in food, travel, and parenting. He's the author of multiple books but he's on this week's episode to talk about the upcoming New Kitchens on the Block.

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    Protest Projections with Robin Bell

    Robin Bell is a visual artist working on the facades of building. His work appears live for minutes at a time. It lives on via social media forever.

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    Spring Beer with Phil Runco

    Resident BYT Beer Expert Phil Runco joins the show to discuss some of his most recent pieces including Brites of Spring: D.C.'s Best Warm-Weather Beers and Freshly Tapped: Bluejacket & Ocelot's Mixed Up / Town Down.

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    Pakke and No Spectators with Amy Morse

    Amy Morse is part of Pakke, a platform for creative underground events in DC to connect hosts, artists and guests. Somewhat related, Amy is a Burning Man vet and wrote about the Renwick's No Spectator Burning Man inspired exhibition for BYT

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    Changing Momofuku CCDC with Executive Chef Tae Strain

    Momofuku CCDC with has a new Executive Chef. Maryland native Tae Strain returns to the DMV after years as Chef de Cuisine at The Progress in San Francisco, Sous Chef at PUBLIC in New York and Executive Chef at Demi in Baltimore. This episode covers his past and what he hopes will be the future of David Chang’s D.C. outpost.

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    A Space Odyssey with Jose Lopez-Sanchez and Jenn Tisdale

    Jose Lopez-Sanchez and Jenn Tisdale are BYT staff writers. This episode is essentially one big pitch session between three BYT staffers. This is how the sausage gets made. We don't actually make sausage. We are working on a story about how the BBQ is made. That's the closest we get to making sausage.

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    Is DJ'ing SXSW Worth It?

    Full Service Radio founder and DJ/Producer Jack Inslee joins the show to discuss whether or not it's worth going to SXSW as a DJ.

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    Puerto Rico Relief Efforts with Josh Phelps

    BYT contributor Josh Phelps has been to Puerto Rico multiple to help with the relief effort. You can too. This episode isn’t as boring or preachy as this description.

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    Space Parties and Earth Zombies with Cale

    We (BYT) just announced our first big party of the year. It's at the most popular musuem in the world. Unrelated, Cale may be the only person we know still watching The Walking Dead.

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    K-Pop and Korean Food with Marcus Dowling and Ruben Gzirian

    This week’s episode is with BYT Contributors Marcus Dowling and Ruben Gzirian. As the Olympics wind down, we discuss two things we love about Korea: K-Pop and Korean Food. Marcus is the author of K-Pop 101. Marcus and Ruben both contributed to the Best Korean Food in DC to Get Excited for the Olympics.

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    The Internet's First Boy Band

    This week on BYT we learn about Internet's first boy band, Brockhampton, with BYT writer Jose Lopez-Sanchez.

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    Ghost For Sale

    BYT editorial assistant Kaylee Dugan discusses b

  63. Thumb 1516910750 artwork

    The Oscar Nominations are In!

    Alan Zilberman, film editor at BYT, joins the show to recap the Oscar nominations and celebrate the fact that BYT is now on Rotten Tomatoes.

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    From #MeToo to The Room

    Interviewing Smash's Theresa Rebeck and almost working with Tommy Wiseau, a chat with BYT writer Diana Metzger.

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    Murder Mysteries for 2018

    BYT founder, head honcho and murder mystery expert Svetlana Legetic joins us. So we talk about muder mysteries. And cleanses. And volunteering. But mostly murder.

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    2018 is 1998

    Comedian & writer Jenn Tisdale joins this weeks show to help illustrate how 2018 and 1998 are basically the same year.

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    Shooting (Photos) in D.C.

    A chat with photojournalist Armando Gallardo about shooting (photos) in D.C.

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    Best Books of 2017

    You should read more. It'll make you a better, more appealing person. If you don't have time to read (you do, stop lying), just listen to us and pretend you read.

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    BYT Radio Debuts

    Brightest Young Things has been informing DC where to go and what to do for the last 11 years. BYT Radio will discuss big stories from our online magazine and give our Best Weekend Bets. Time is money. Spend it well.

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